How it all started

Alex, our CEO, has dedicated a huge part of his last 12 years to kitesurfing and water sports, competing on a professional level in hydrofoil racing. After graduating with a degree in Physics in 2019 he started working on the SiFly eFoil project. Along with our team of talented engineers, they set off to create a safe and affordable eFoil with uncompromising quality. After 2 years of intense R&D and countless hours of testing we developed a range of 5 different eFoils for users of all levels of experience and preferences. 

a man flying over the water with a e-foil board

Our mission

At SiFly, we aim to make eFoiling accessible for every user. We take great efforts in designing every component to ensure absolute safety, durability and ease of use.

Our Founder

founder and CEO
Alexander Bachev
Founder and CEO

Alex is a sports addict, tech geek and physicist. He is a professional kitesurfer, competing for more than 8 years. His area of expertise is hydrofoil racing and he is on an Olympic campaign for the games in 2024. Alex holds 7 national champion titles and has multiple appearances in the top 10 of the World ranking. 

He graduated with a degree in Physics  in 2019 from the Technical University of Munich. When not on the foil you can find Alex skiing, snowboarding or riding waves.