Amazing long range water-proof intercom

BbTALKIN' is a Waterproof Communication Device. It uses long range bluetooth technology that allows people to communicate clearly with each other on water and on snow.

Perfect for: Marine Sports, Winter Sports and Construction Work

a man flying over the water with a e-foil board

eFoil / Kite / Windsurf Set

This package is designed for waterproof communication between two people. The surf hat come in tan color with a chin strap you can fasten to keep the hat secure. The hat is one-size- fits-all and is adjustable. The main unit mounts onto the hat, optimising the range. Popular package for eFoil, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), Windsurf, Kitesurf and Jet ski.

1x: Advance Unit – 2 piece Set (A01R) with all mounting accessories and waterproof cases 1x: Surf Hats (B01H)
1x: Helmet Pad Mono headset (B02R)
Please Note: Package Excludes Helmet

Coaching to the NEXT LEVEL

BbTALKIN' is a game changing Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Communication system for athletes, students and coaches worldwide.
This waterproof communication system enhances the learning curve two fold in both water and winter sports. It is a real time coaching tool which allows the coach to instantly train and provide feedback to the student.

Real-Time Live Communication

The BbTALKIN allows you to pair two units, thus ensuring seamless communication with another person. It can also pair to your mobile phone and play your favourite music or answer phone calls while you are out on the water or snow.


Kite Surfing, eFoiling, Surfing, Kayaking, SUP, Jet Skiing, Flyboarding. Paragliding, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Sailing, Paintball and more.


- PROGRESSION: Get better, quicker. This product will help you progress in your sport when training with someone else to advise or teach you. It doesn't have to be a coach, it could also be your friend!

- SAFETY: The person you are talking to can warn you about any potential danger or advise your before you do something that may hurt you. You can also dial the last number on your phone with the double dick of one button on the BbTALKIN' unit.

- FUN: It is so much fun when talking to another person while out doing sports. Talk about anything! 


BbTALKIN' is the next big thing in sports training. You will learn quicker with the help of a friend or a coach, which means less injuries and quicker progression. You will improve your skills at a faster rate than someone who is unable to communicate with the coach real-time.

Technical features.


When in its case, it is 100% waterproof.

You can pair up to 6 people for real time talk.

Long range Bluetooth for real-time communication.

Live Streaming
The Advance Unit is the first ever waterproof equipment with the ability to live stream.