Powering Eco-Adventures and Electric Summer on Camping with SiFly eFoils


As the sun rises over the pristine coastline of Croatia, the gentle hum of electric cars fills the air at Istra Premium Camping. Here, are our partners from e-foil.hr, led by the enthusiastic Ernest, pioneering a new era in sustainable water sports. Their innovative approach to eFoil charging blends seamlessly with the tranquility of nature, setting a benchmark for eco-friendly outdoor adventures and camper fans.

Ernest decided to use electric vehicles to recharge his SiFly eFoil while enjoying his morning coffee. His team is dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that every moment spent on the water leaves only gentle ripples in its wake.

Join us this summer at Istra Premium Camping with e-foil.hr and SiFly eFoils for an unforgettable eco-electric adventure. Discover the thrill of exploring crystal-clear waters sustainably, powered by cutting-edge technology and a deep respect for our natural environment.

Ernest, a passionate advocate for electric water sports, emphasizes the accessibility of eFoiling with SiFly. With just a single 45-minute lesson under expert guidance, adventurers can master the art of riding eFoils. Imagine gliding effortlessly to your favorite secluded beach, catching waves until sunset, and knowing that your eFoil will be fully recharged by the time you're ready for another adventure.

Join us this summer and explore camping with SiFly eFoils for a harmonious blend of modern technology and natural beauty. SiFly invites you to embrace the future of water sports where innovation meets sustainability.