How the hydrofoil changed the world


Recreational sports and entertainment have become increasingly innovative and sustainable. Throughout history, sparks of inspiration always helped push industries further such as the case of hydrofoiling that began as an alternative for kitesurfers. Following the invention of hydrofoil surfboards and countless hours of research and development, the hydrofoil evolved into eFoil.

eFoil - the future of watersports!

The electric hydrofoil surfboards are created to be sustainable, but they also aim to make the sport more accessible. It does not matter if  you live by an ocean, a sea, a lake or a river, the eFoil needs no wind or waves because the electric motor takes care of the propulsion. Flying is effortless.

How has hydrofoil surfing changed the world?

The hydrofoil technology is derived from the aeroplanes' aerofoil. It has become a distinguishing feature of many water vessels, decreasing drag and allowing for greater speed. Following this logic, hydrofoils completely transformed travel on water, ensuring greater efficiency, faster rides and less dependency on the weather conditions. 
Electric hydrofoils in turn offer a way to leave the popular surfing spots and go to places that would previously be unsurfable. In the end, all you need is to have a charging point for your battery and you are all set. Innovations have not ceased and the designs of new models of eFoils continue to amaze and guarantee endless fun for enthusiasts.

Why choose SiFly?

SiFly is one of the leading producers in the electric hydrofoil industry. The company has an advanced research and development department, where many talented engineers and tech geeks are creating the most intriguing ideas that shape the future of eFoils. Following your purchase, you will get:

  • A product of unrivalled excellency, ensured by an innovative design and modern materials;
  • A database of how-to videos and guides that will reveal the basics of the sport, and provide additional tips to assemble and take care of your board;
  • A mobile application will take the experience to a whole new level, allowing you to monitor different parameters, set up and update the firmware of the board