How to ride like a PRO


Want to ride your eFoil like those guys on the Instagram Reels?
Read through for our pro tips ⬇️

First and foremost, grab a good eFoil. eFoils vary in sizes, shapes and materials, so you should choose your eFoil carefully. No use aiming for a top speed record, if you are riding a whale-sized beginner board.
Opt for a smaller board instead.
Newer boards feature newer technologies like integrated masts, lightweight carbon and footstraps. If you want to eFoil faster, carve harder, jump higher, then look into a high-performance board like the Stellar S.

Next, choose your wing. Did you know that wings are shaped to match a certain riding style? For example, flatter wings allow for harder turns, while the down-curved (anhedral) wingtips are designed for greater row stability.

We would always recommend choosing the Sports 700 wing for riders who want to step up their carving game.

Here's what our CEO, Alex Bachev has to say:

"When chasing records, eFoil enthusiasts often undervalue the importance of optimal conditions. Ride when the sun is high above and there is a light breeze. Dimples on the sea surface help you judge your height correctly, while the sun gives you great visibility. Elongate your stance. Stand with your feet spread apart diagonally for better stability. Lean towards your front foot to keep the nose down and to be more stable in higher speed sprints."

And finally, a tip from our team:
Safety first! If you don't feel ready, don't push yourself. Always wear a helmet and an impact vest.