Safety Tips When Riding an eFoil


As the thrill of riding eFoils continues to captivate water enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience is crucial. 

Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind when embarking on your eFoil adventure:

 1. Get to Know Your eFoil:

The User Manual gives you the necessary information about your eFoil's capabilities, limitations, and maintenance requirements. Take the time to read the contents of the manual thoroughly. 
Before taking to the water, familiarize yourself with the board's controls, responsiveness, and any specific features.

2. Follow Learning Steps:

For first-time riders, we recommend following the learning step in our video tutorial. These step-by-step instructions are designed to help you build confidence, ensuring a smooth and safe progression in your eFoil journey.

3. Wear a Helmet

Protecting your head should be a non-negotiable priority. Always wear a helmet designed for water sports to safeguard yourself in case of unexpected falls.

4. Wear an Impact Vest

An impact vest adds an additional layer of protection, particularly for your torso. It provides buoyancy and impact absorption, contributing to a safer riding experience. 

5. Go deep enough

Make sure you are deep enough before turning the board around on its mast. This prevents the mast or wings from making contact with shallows or underwater obstacles, minimizing the risk of damage.
Survey the riding area - ensure there are no stones, shallows, or other potential hazards that could damage the mast or wings of your eFoil. 

7. Follow Geofencing Limits

Respect the geofencing limits set by our eFoil's technology. These limits are in place to keep you within safe zones, away from potential dangers such as restricted areas or strong currents.
The geofencing feature will be available within the next software update, so 
stay tuned! 

8. Know how to fall

In the event of losing control, always jump aside and away from the board. This minimizes the chance of colliding with the foil, reducing the risk of injury.

As the eFoil community grows, prioritizing safety ensures that every ride is a memorable and secure adventure. By embracing these safety tips, you not only protect yourself but contribute to the overall positive and responsible culture of eFoil enthusiasts worldwide.

 Safe riding!