SiFly eFoils Spotlight at Cannes Yachting Festival


In the vast ocean of water sports expos, a few events rise above the rest. At the pinnacle, you'll find the Dusseldorf Boot. A winter sensation, it's an ensemble of thematically distinct halls ranging from luxurious yachts, tenders and jets, water toys, right down to the finest apparel. 

But there is on that marks the end of a long summer hustle - the Cannes Yachting Festival. Stretching across two expansive harbours in Cannes - The Vieux Porte and Porte Pierre Canto, it’s Europe's most illustrious open-air boat exhibit. And for the second consecutive year, SiFly marks its presence in this grand maritime fiesta. 

The eFoil Segment 

Cannes traditionally dazzles with sections like: 

  • The Yacht connoisseurs. 
  • The Magnificent Marinas. 
  • The Elite Brokerage arena. 

And then there's the pièce de résistance: 

  • The Watersports Toy showcase. 

In this vibrant arena, eFoiling companies have, for two years straight, been the show's undisputed masters. This festival saw 8 out of 24 broker booths flaunting eFoils. 

Yet, the crescendo of this year's Broker Area was undoubtedly: 

The Stellar Series Debut 

Precisely at noon on September 12th, SiFly unveiled its masterpiece: the Stellar series. Crafted with visible carbon, it's lighter by a staggering 4 kg and offers a variety of exquisite colors. The sporty feel and the heightened features of this series visibly drew visitors to the booth.  

Beyond just viewing, enthusiasts were invited for 
Free Water Demos  

at Plage Rouge, a stone's throw from Porte Pierre Canto's entrance. This became an attraction for both visitors and tourists, allowing them to test our brand new sports wings, the sleek EZ Go stabilizer, and the power-packed SiFly S and SiFly E. 

Happy with this success, SiFly eagerly anticipates setting sail at the 2024 event!