SiFly Locations


Harnessing the basic principles of hydrofoil technology, SiFly’s eFoil offers an innovative way to experience surfing through the use of an electric propulsion system. The surfboards are designed for maximum efficiency and safety, yet every newcomer is encouraged to go through basic training, either through video tutorials or by visiting one of the many SiFly locations. 

In which countries can we learn to eFoil?

SiFly has its main facilities in Turkey and Dubai, however, the company has partnered with many retailers and schools for watersports all throughout Europe and the Middle East. 
You can get the chance to learn to fly with a certified SiFly instructor in the UK, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and others. Outside of Europe, SiFly also offers an opportunity for training at the Palm, Kite Beach and many other locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. All of the SiFly Schools are easily accessible by car and offer the possibility to rent and try out eFoiling. Following a session, beginner efoilers should feel comfortable enough to fly on their own. 

Where can we purchase electric hydrofoil surfboards?

The intuitive and easy-to-use SiFly website offers a partner map. Every location serves as a reseller for the SiFly eFoils. Detailed information and directions to a certified retailer near you can be found online. Orders from the online shop will ship throughout Europe, however, non-European clients should contact customer support to clear shipping arrangements. Water sports enthusiasts can also find useful video lessons and review a set of extensive information on SiFly’s products online.

How does SiFly make your life easier?

SiFly has created the perfect learning ecosystem through partnerships and a user-friendly website that encourages customers to learn, experiment and eFoil. The electric hydrofoil provides a way to experience watersports in a state of absolute freedom without any constraints in terms of surfing locations and water conditions. Exploring new places and charting your own course becomes even easier through the built-in GPRS locator, which records the route, speed and duration of every ride. 

Even if you have never experienced surfing, SiFly’s large eFoil surfboards offer maximum stability and a low flying speed, both perfect for beginners. On the other hand, experienced surfers could reach up to 40 km/h on the smaller, more sporty boards. With the aim of popularising the sport, SiFly’s design guarantees that every user will find a board that will fit them perfectly.