The Integrated Mast Foot Revolution


Introducing SiFly’s Latest Innovation: The Integrated Mast Foot Revolution

In the ever-evolving world of efoil technology, simplicity and efficiency have become the guiding principles for innovation. At SiFly, we are proud to unveil our latest game-changing creation: the Integrated Mast Foot.

So, what is it?
In essence, it embodies our commitment to simplification and elevating your riding experience. We’ve ingeniously incorporated the electronics box directly into the mast itself, positioning it atop the mast and seamlessly integrating it within the board. This groundbreaking design results in what we fondly refer to as the integrated mast foot.

Why did we do it?
Because it is:

  • more simple

  • it allows for a smoother ride

  • reduces the number of cables in the battery compartment

  • enhances your agility in turns

Say goodbye to the clutter of cables and connectors that once populated your battery compartment. Now, only two essential cables remain: the positive and negative, meticulously color-coded for your safety and convenience.

The communication between the SiFly Mast and the Board Controller now happens via bluetooth. Simple is the new Sexy.

What more, once you integrate the foot inside the board, the bottom of the board is completely flat, which lowers the friction while the board is still in contact with the water surface. This means that you reach planning speed more quickly with less power exerted from the motor. It also means that you can now touch down safely, without feeling the slight displacement of the mast heel.
Feel the thrill as you navigate sharp turns and twists, knowing that your efoil responds to your every command with precision.

Carve stronger, ride faster.