How many eFoil boards can I choose from?

We have developed a board for each and every specific need. All are available on our website:
SiFly Free Rider Soft-Top eFoil
SiFly Easy Rider Inflatable eFoil
SiFly Pro Rider eFoil
SiFly Free Rider eFoil
SiFly Easy Rider eFoil

Which board is most suitable for beginners?

We recommend the SiFly E eFoil board to begin with. The high volume eFoil board is perfect for learning.  Combined with the big Cruiser 1900 Wing and CR340 stabilizer, the low flying speed and stable board allow for the ideal conditions for your first steps in eFoiling! 

What material is the SiFly board made of?

SiFly Rider Soft-Top - Impact resistant closed-cell foam
SiFly Lite Inflatable - High-pressure inflatable PVC
SiFly E - Carbon fibre and fibreglass composite board with a light EPS core
SiFly R - Carbon fibre and fibreglass composite board with a light EPS core
SiFly S - Carbon fibre and fibreglass composite board with a light EPS core

What is the top speed of a SiFly board?

The top speed a SiFly board can achieve is 40km/h. 

How long does the battery life last in one ride?

The battery of a SiFly board lasts up to 120 minutes in one ride.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

2.5 hours

How to take care of the board when going out of the water?

After each session rinse the board and foil thoroughly with fresh water. Pay attention to the motor and rubber seals. Crystallised salt can damage both of them. In case of water ingression in the battery compartment, clean it with fresh water and let it dry out before use.

How to maintain and store?

Never leave your SiFly eFoil, Remote controller, SiFly PowerCell LR rechargeable battery and charger under direct sunlight or heat for prolonged periods. These conditions can lead to severe damage of the composite parts, battery cells and electronics. Never leave your eFoil and battery in the car on a hot sunny day!
If you store your eFoil assembled for longer times, make sure to disassemble it every 3-4 week and apply TefGel to the screws and inserts, to avoid oxidation processes. Additionally, apply some dielectric gel to the communication and power connectors every once in a while to prevent electrolyses. Use the same gel to lubricate the O-ring on the top of the mast plate to ensure a good seal.
Store the SiFly PowerCell LR in a place that is cool, dry, well ventilated and frostproof, and ensure that the battery cells are protected from irreparable total discharge.

Can I take my SiFly board with its battery on an airplane?

Electric vehicle batteries are not permitted on passenger aircraft. It may be possible to ship the SiFly board on a dedicated cargo plane.

How to transport the battery?

Never transport fully charged SiFly PowerCell LR battery in the eFoil by aircraft or over long distances. PowerCell LR should only be partially charged during transport (maximum 30% of the total capacity of the battery). If instructions are disregarded, flammable gases can be discharged causing serious injury! 
The rechargeable SiFly PowerCell LR battery corresponds to:
  • Road transport - paragraph ADR
  • Maritime transport - paragraph 2.9.4 IMDG Code
  • Air transport - paragraph subsection IATA DGR

Where do you ship?

Shipping in Europe is 300.00 €.

For all other destinations please contact our office for a custom-made offer.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers.

Return policy?

Once we have received the full payment for your product and it is shipped to you, your purchase is finalized. 
We do not accept the return of any product unless it is defective. In that case the return must be made 
according to our Terms & Conditions.