Neocean Overboat

The boating experience, redefined.

Introducing Overboat, a revolutionary watercraft that defies traditional boating experiences. Equipped with an electric propulsion system and multiple hydrofoils, it glides over the water, generating zero emissions, noise, and wake.

Respectful of the marine environment
100% electric personal water craft
Thanks to the hydrofoils
e-foil board

Overboat 100F

The Overboat 100F is a single-seat electric catamaran that will have you flying safely above the waves at over 15 knots (about 17 mph) in just a few seconds.

It is designed similarly to a drone, featuring sensors and a processor that seamlessly regulate the flight, ensuring a stability you won’t find in any other boat available today.

Since riding the OVERBOAT© does not need any training, it is accessible to everyoneYou can finally have fun on the water without polluting, making noise or disturbing others.

“It’s fantastic! The Overboat is a watercraft that gives you the sensation of being on a plane, but in complete safety. It’s a mind-blowing experience!”

Bill Todd, NEEMO Project Manager, NASA

e-foil board

A versatile range
of uses

Rental providers & Hotels

Safe and accessible for everyone: easy to operate after a few minutes of explanation.

Easy to use: recharge the batteries at a standard outlet.

The OVB 100F has removable batteries, so you can put in a new pack and send your customers back out on the water in just three minutes.

Authorized for use in all ports, unlike motorized personal watercraft.


Looking for a product that’s fun, safe and easy to use?

Easy to handleand use for a smart, clean and elegant experience!

Requires no special boating ability

Quiet and non-polluting:can be used in marine parks without disturbing ocean wildlife.

Valuable Business Asset

The exceptional simplicity of the Overboat allows people to experience the thrilling sensation of flight with remarkable ease. This unique feature, paired with advance geofencing software, makes Overboat an outstanding choice for any rental location, school, or water sports center looking to provide their clients with an unforgettable water adventure.

ECO-friendly & Efficient

Overboat boasts outstanding energy efficiency, consuming ten times less energy than a conventional boat with an internal combustion engine and a staggering twenty times less than a scooter moving at the same speed. With its long-lasting batteries, Overboat can offer five years of regular use, and battery replacement is a breeze.

e-foil board
e-foil board

Technical Specs

Top Speed

14 knots (28 kmh)


4.5 kW, 50 V


Fiberglass, Polyester


3.34 m


150 kg

Maximum Load

100 kg


5.7 kWh

Battery Life

Up to 2 hours

Charging Time

1.5 hours