Cruiser 1300

Great all-rounder carbon composite front wing for most people

Great all-rounder carbon composite front wing
Great all-rounder carbon composite

The SiFly Cruiser 1300 wing is the go-to wing for most people. It follows the design language of our Cruiser 1900 wing, but is optimised for medium speeds and increased agility. Coupled with the CR300 stabiliser wing, it offers good roll (sideways) and pitch (forward) stability, without sacrificing manoeuvrability. Its projected area of 1300 sq cm ensures that most riders can pop up at speeds as low as 18 km/h. The Cruiser 1300 strikes a perfect balance between stability and freedom of movement and is the wing that will guide you to the more sportive way of foiling.

The Cruiser 1300 wing is produced with carbon composite materials, that make it very rigid and durable, yet lightweight. Its leading edge and tips are rounded for better safety in the event of a collision. The anhedral shape and custom profile section of the wing allow it to achieve the great stability and ease of use with decent agility. That wing will put a smile on the faces of experienced e-foiliers, but is comfortable enough to learn on if you are an athletic person!


Projected area

1300 sq. cm

Foiling speed range

18 - 40 km/h


Carbon composite

Best for

Free ride