Hydrofoil Unit 75 - ECO

Sturdy Hydrofoil Unit made

The Hydrofoil Unit is a masterpiece. It has been developed and tested by engineers and kitesurf hydrofoilers to achieve perfect functionality, great hydrodynamic performance and ease of use.

The 75cm mast length works great for beginners, making the foil more stable, flying closer to the water and less scary. We recommend the 75 cm eFoil to all newcomers who want to learn efoiling.

The mast is made out of hardened aluminium for great rigidity and no flexing. The custom modified profile section ensures smooth fluid flow with no turbulence regardless of the water conditions. It is virtually one of the best aluminium masts on the market.

The aluminium fuselage has been designed and validated with CFD simulations. It has low drag and good hydrodynamic properties. The electric motor attached to it is direct drive (without a gearbox), offering instant torque response, low maintenance efforts and silent running.

Our in-house designed propellor achieves great performance and high thrust with good efficiency. The prop guard protects you from accidentally touching the propellor while operating. We have cleverly reduced its area, to minimise its effect on the steering of the eFoil. Both the propellor and its guard are made out of fibreglass reinforced plastic for excellent durability.

The mast connection plate both connects the hydrofoil to the board and houses the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). It is made of aluminium to ensure sufficient strength and to adequate heat conduction. Our ESC controller uses effective passive cooling thereby eliminating the need of failure-prone active cooling systems.



Mast length


75 cm



3 kW, directly driven



Hardened aluminium

Cooling system


Passive cooling

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