Overboat 100F is a single-seat watercraft, on which anyone aged 15 and up can safely experience the unique sensation of flying over the waves. 
The Overboat is designed similarly to a drone, featuring sensors and a processor that seamlessly regulates the flight through actuators. These actuators modify the incidence of the hydrofoils up to 100 times per second, resulting in an incredibly smooth and easy-to-control flight experience. 
Thanks to this patented pitch regulation technology combined with the latest generation of articulated hydrofoils, the Overboat offers exceptional stability while cruising. This technology ensures precise control, making it both fun and easy to handle.
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Top Speed


14 knots (28 kmh)



3.34 m



5.7 kWh



4.5 kW, 50 V



150 kg

Battery Life


Up to 2 hours

Charging Time


1.5 hours

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