SiFly Lite

High volume portable high-pressure inflatable board that fits in the trunk of your car, is durable and safe to use

Electric Lime
Soft Mint

The SiFly Lite is great choice if you want to learn foiling. The high volume of 170l provides great buoyancy, keeping people up to 140kg on top of the water surface. The construction of the board consists of a hard midsection containing the battery pack and electronics and a high-pressure inflatable part around it. The midsection serves as a rigid bridge between the rider and the hydrofoil effectively giving you the feeling of riding a hard board. The inflatable part is safe and forgiving when you crash on it and rolls into a small bag when deflated, letting you fit the complete e-foil set up in you car's trunk.

Rider weight range: 60 - 140kg


12 kg / 26 lbs

Dimensions (LxW)

190 x 75 cm

Board length



170 Liters


up to 45 km/h


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 44.8 Ah / 58.8V / 30 km range


High-pressure inflatable PVC

Battery life

120 min

Charging time

2.5 h

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