SiFly R Board

Midsize hard eFoil board that most people would love! It's suitable for learning yet highly manoeuvrable and light under your feet.

Watermelon Red
Coconut White
Papaya Yellow
Electric Lime
Midsize hard eFoil board.
For learning

SiFly R is the board most people should buy. It is a great all-rounder striking a balance between agility and ease of use. It has a volume of 120l allowing for early planing and easy pop up while at the same time it will give you enough freedom of movement to lean hard into tight turns. The boards has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to meet our high expectations.

Lighter people under 80kg will find this board great for learning because it won't submerge when stationary. Heavier people would love it for its great manoeuvrability.

Rider's weight range: 40 - 110kg



14 kg

Dimensions (LxW)

171 x 72 cm / 5’8“


up to 45 km/h


Carbon fibre and fibreglass composite board with a light EPS core