SiFly Rider

Small size soft-top board that is affordable with uncompromised quality and performance.


The SiFly Rider Soft-Top is great choice if you want a versatile easy-to-carry-around board. The volume of 107l provides good buoyancy, keeping people up to 110kg on top of the water surface, while its smaller outline allows for aggressive turns and freedom of movement. In the heart of the board lays an extremely rigid and strong internal construction. The beautiful outer shape is build from impact-resistant and shock-absorbing closed-cell foam. It is shaped in a steel mould ensuring perfection in every unit and reducing waste and its environmental effect to a minimum. The soft deck is safe and forgiving when you fall on it, yet rigid enough allowing you to control the board with ease.

Rider weight range: 40 - 110kg


12 kg / 26 lbs

Dimensions (LxW)

165 x 68 cm

Board length



107 Liters


up to 45 km/h


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 44.8 Ah / 58.8V / 30 km range


Impact resistant closed-cell foam

Battery life

120 min

Charging time

2.5 h

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