Terms and Conditions for Participation in SiFly Promotional Giveaway

We are pleased to inform you about the SiFly promotional giveaway, which offers the opportunity to win an eFoil. The promotional giveaway is regulated under the rules governing the conduct of promotional giveaways in Bulgaria. All participants must familiarize themselves with the following conditions and adhere to them strictly.

1.     Participation: To enter the promotional giveaway, each participant must provide their email and names via a form on our website. The registration period starts ... and ends on .... Participation in the promotional giveaway is not contingent upon purchase, and each participant may register multiple times.

2.     Participant Requirements: Participants must be at least 18 years old at the date of participation. Employees of SiFly or their relatives are not eligible to participate.

3.     Promotional giveaway Procedure: The drawing of the winner will take place on ... in the presence of a notary to ensure the legality and transparency of the process.

4.     Prize: The prize includes one electric foil from SiFly. Details on the model and delivery conditions will be specified.

5.     Data Processing: All personal data provided will be used solely for the promotional giveaway, including participant identification and communication. SiFly is committed to processing personal data following data protection legislation.

6.     General Conditions: SiFly reserves the right to change the terms of the promotional giveaway or to cancel it at any time due to external circumstances beyond the company’s control. In such cases, SiFly will notify all registered participants as soon as possible.

Participation in the promotional giveaway implies full acceptance of these terms. We look forward to your participation and wish you the best of luck.

The SiFly Team