Extra PowerCell LR

In-house designed and produced high capacity battery with 120 min of ride time for long hours of fun!


The SiFly PowerCell LR is our long-range battery pack. It is designed and tested by our electrical engineers with safety being number one priority. It has triple short circuit protection, an intelligent smart Battery management system (BMS) and is completely waterproof. We use high-quality battery cells with high capacity giving you 2.3 kWh of energy and 120 min to enjoy flying above the water! The battery communicates wirelessly with the board, so all you have to do is to plug the power cables in and enjoy the ride! The battery is charged by a customised 25A Smart Charger, ensuring the best charging curves at all times.

Nominal voltage

52 V

Maximal continuous current

100 A


44.8 Ah


2.3 kWh

Charging time

2.5 h


13 kg

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