The quietest e-foil on the market

Enjoy the magical sensation of flying silently above the water! Experience levitation with this eco-friendly and emission-free sport, protective of the local environment! Don't wait for wind or waves, just plug the battery in and start foiling!

woman on e-foil board
e-foil board

Fantastic Flight Over the Water

Just starting, already an experienced free-rider or a thrill-seeking pro? Configure the best e-foil fitting your needs!

  • Drive

    Powerful and durable 6 kW brushless electric motor

    Direct drive system for reduced vibrations and increased longevity

    Custom in-house designed high-efficiency propellers

    powerful brushless electric motor
  • Hydrofoil

    electric motor


    Rigid unibody fuselage, accommodating the electric motor



    Interchangeable in-house designed and CFD analysed carbon-composite wings, optimised for everyone from complete newcomers to proficient foilers

    electric motor with wings


    2 mast lengths for easy learning or sporty riding

  • Remote control

    Wirelessly charged 

    IP68 certified waterproof casing 

    Smart fall-off detection ensures the highest level of safety

    remote control
  • Technologies

    WiFi, Bluetooth and GPRS onboard for seamless connection and OTA updates

    SOS function

    GPS for accurate speed readings, session track records and theft protection

    sifly board
  • Battery

    44.8 Ah


    30 km range

    under 2h charging time
    Custom Smart Battery Management System
    sifly board battery
  • Smartphone apps 

    GPS tracks visualisation

    Board setup

    Profiles and much more

    smartphone apps
Top speed

Battery life

Charging time

under 2h


e-foil board
SiFly Easy Rider
e-foil board
SiFly Free Rider
e-foil board
SiFly Pro Rider
e-foil board
SiFly Free Rider Inflatable
e-foil board
SiFly Easy Rider Inflatable

Experience SiFly

Developed in Germany & assembled in Europe

Worldwide shipping

Up to 24 months warranty 

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