Hydrofoil Unit V3

Compatible with Rider and Stellar Series

The new V3 Mast is crafted in-house to elevate your eFoil adventures to unprecedented heights. Designed for top-tier performance and engineered with precision, this mast promises:

  • Enhanced Maneuverability: Crafted to deliver smoother turns and unparalleled control, ensuring dynamic rides on the water

  • Advanced Motor Integration: Strategically positioned closer to the mast foot, coupled with optimized design

  • Significantly reduced noise levels during your aqua adventures

V3 Mast offers Three modes of foiling:
Comfort, Intermediate, and Sport mode

  • In Comfort mode, the stabilizer is positioned farther away from the front wing, enhancing stability along the pitch axis for a smoother and calmer foil experience during turns.

  • In Intermediate mode, the stabilizer is positioned at a balanced distance between the front wing and the mast, providing a perfect blend of stability and responsiveness. This configuration offers enhanced control and smooth transitions, making it ideal for riders who have mastered the basics and are looking to refine their skills. With improved pitch sensitivity compared to Comfort mode, yet maintaining more stability than Sport mode, Intermediate mode allows for confident and precise maneuvering, making it a versatile choice for a progressive eFoiling experience.

  • Switch to Sport mode, and the stabilizer moves closest to the mast, making the foil more sensitive to pitch. This configuration allows for sharper turns, easier control at high speeds, and overall greater maneuverability, ensuring an exhilarating ride every time.

The V3 Mast sets a new standard in versatility, seamlessly interchangeable with the Jet and perfectly compatible with the Stellar model.



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